Simultaneous measurement and counting

The Arboto manual measurement tool saves time while measuring smaller parcels thanks to its accurate measurement logging capabilities. It precisely measures the circumference for a selected species and parcel and stores this data for later use.

Direct from the field 
to inventory list

Easy to implement

1 mm precision

A Unique Design

The Arboto measurement tool boasts a compact, innovative design, enabling the measurement of tree trunk circumferences even in confined spaces. Its small size ensures effortless portability and operation over extended periods. Equipped with an integrated display, it provides instant access to data such as species identification, circumference, classification, and GPS coordinates. Additionally, its built-in directional RFID reader facilitates the scanning of RFID-enabled labels, seamlessly associating this data with the corresponding measurements. This all-in-one tool eliminates the need for additional equipment.

Retrieving Data

The Arboto tool's compact design ensures effortless circumference measurements of tree trunks, even in restricted spaces, providing immediate results. It records essential data, including GPS, time, and optional RFID details (like tree ID), onto an SD card. Upon returning home, if connected to a pre-configured WiFi network, the tool automatically uploads this data to the Arboto Cloud. There, you can conveniently export your measurements to a spreadsheet or integrate them with inventory management systems such as WinTree, GroenVision, or Exact Business Software.



Measurement tool
Hardware lease € 2.990,- / year




Export to spreadsheet

Export to inventory software

Arboto web interface
€ 1.990,- / year


RFiD tree labels
Starting from € 0,35/label 

Precision GPS field tablet
€ 1.500,-

Spreadsheet / Software Export

Work directly in an Excel file and filter on tree species, circumference and parcel name or import your measurement in your inventory management software.  
We can export to your specific inventory management software package, as we have already done with WinTreeGroenVisionExact Business Software ... 

Download exemple spreadsheet

Arboto Web Interface

The Arboto web interface offers a map view of every individual tree in your nursery, with specific information such as its species, size, full-size images and cm-precise location.
It is not only an overview of your inventory, but serves as the starting point for an 
optimized harvesting organisation and enables in-depth tree analysis.


RFiD Tree Labels

Ideal for identifying trees over multiple years, where GPS is not possible and QR codes do not allow sufficient automatisation. 

Precision GPS Field Tablet

Identify, retrieve and annotate individual trees on the field thanks to a rugged tablet with centimeter-accurate positioning.

Full-size Tree Images

Combine every measurement with a full-size picture of each tree to asses quality from the warmth of your office.

Start optimizing your tree inventory management today! 

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